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  • About gasoline costs

    I was wondering what other linr cleaners are doing about high gasoline prices cutting into profits. Can't decide to raise price per line or add a gasoline surcharge on.

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    I'm into refrigeration & not line cleaning & cover a lot of miles every day as I'm sure you do as well. My company has three full size service trucks that aren't exactly what you would call fuel efficient. Every time I have to fill my truck it takes over 100 bucks & I do that two or three times a week.

    What we have done rather than raise our prices is add an HFC charge (higher fuel cost) in the amount of $10 on every call. As long as the calls keep coming in this covers the cost of fuel.

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      I'm curious as too what others have to say about this as well. I've been thinking about this and was about to do a rate hike but a surcharge seems like a good idea. Anyway else willing to share their thoughts on this?
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        price increases

        Hi Ed, I went through my gas tickets for the month,and found my total . Added 15% for future increases,and spread it out evenly on my route customers.I did this beginning of April,and it has paid close to 60% of my total fuel. Customers gave me a little crap about it, but they understood.Just dont twist their tit too hard,or you might lose them. customers are hard to find right now in my area, and all of my momnpop bars really struggling.Good luck..........................cya,brianatkcdraft


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          I am also thinking of charging the sAME PRICE FOR 1 TO 4 LINES ANDthen charging per line above 4 lines.


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            Slighty unrelated, but; some beer sotre here in Canada charge a $2.50 fee per keg as a fuel/trucking surcharge. As well, even if I take my Nitrogen/C02 bottle in for a refill, I get dinged with a fuel surcharge. Seems you can have a fuel surcharge on anything these days.
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              I've added a $10 fuel surcharge to my tickets as well. Haven't really gotten any grief from any of my customers here in Virginia. They all see it and understand.