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  • Tap room inventory management

    Total newb question here. Work at a place where I have been told that I need to manage the tap room inventory and to some extent the tap room. Don't really know what I am doing but seen as I am now the on site expert I am expected to know. So was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to run a tap room??

    It is 3 cool rooms running 42 taps onto a site covering about a quarter of a square kilometre. Each tap has a dual bank of two kegs, so four kegs in total with an auto switchover. You can have 168 kegs running at any time. System capacity is supposed to be 20,000litres/hour. Standalone CO2 and Glycol units. Ave turnover of 500 kegs per month, usually just under 1,000 on site at any one time, but can be close to 2,000 at times. Usually around 12 to 20 different flavours on site sometimes from upto 3 different batches. Also six other bar locations on site using two single line cool room taps.

    Wondering if anyone knows the best way to manage keg inventories. Because at the moment my boss is asking me to keep track of every kegs flavour, expiry date, if it has been tapped, if it has been used exactly how many litres is in it, and if it is empty. So last stock take I ended up with a list seven pages long and still confusing as heck.

    As well as needing to know how to inventory kegs in order to stop getting back dated kegs I also need to know if there is anything you can do with back dated kegs? On top of that I am probably going to need to know how to do troubleshoot maintenance on tap room installs, but I might save that one for later.

    Any help or tips is appreciated.
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    Man I wouldnt want to be in your shoes thats for sure after seeing that keg room , or have to clean all of those lines lol

    I have seen this REALLY cool hardware and software online here

    It does all kinds of stuff, but then again, its another cost, cost of doing business, but it seems like it would be perfect for something as large
    as what you have where you work. I have not seen one in person, yet, maybe some day. Hell I would look into it if I ever opened my own tap house or bar with more than say
    40 taps/lines
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