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Brewing Classic Styles recipe question

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  • Brewing Classic Styles recipe question

    I have been using the recipes from Brewing Classic Styles as a starting point, but find that I always must cut back on the grain bill in order to stay within style according to BeerSmith. When I do use the BeerSmith adjusted recipes, I come in on style so am trying to figure out why. Just for experimentation I recently ran a batch using Jamil's recipe exactly on a Dubbel and it came in at 9.2% alcohol - much closer to a Tripel.

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Lucida Grande]Any thoughts on this?
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    I'm not familiar with the book 'Brewing Classic Styles', but I'd suspect the author simply had lower efficiency than what you are getting with your mash. Do the recipes in the book note what efficiency the author was getting? If so, you can compare that with what BeerSmith is indicating you are getting.

    At any rate, whenever I use another's recipe, I usually run it through BeerSmith anyway and adjust things to suit my preferences.
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      Brewing Classic Styles --- Where from i can get this book ? Its looking interested and i want to read this.

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        You can find it on Amazon.

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