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CO2 Exposure Limits: Is Your Workplace at Risk?

In the US, there are guidelines and regulations for CO2 exposure limits. Restaurants and bars use CO2 to dispense draft beer, so they are covered by these regulations. Know the CO2 permissible exposure limits to keep the environment safe from health hazards.

Top Five Challenges When Adding a Commercial Tap or Draft Beer System

Whether you’re tasked with the design and development of foodservice operations for your own company or working as an independent foodservice consultant, there’s no time for mistakes; unfortunately, there is a lot of room for error without the proper support.

Stacking "The Deck" With Craft Beer: A Custom Tower for a Full-Service Restaurant & Bar

The designers had a dream: they envisioned a rustic, industrial backdrop with a custom beer tower for their new restaurant, The Deck, at Bucks County Playhouse. Micro Matic understood their vision, right down to the inspiration picture. Learn more about this project!

Helping Designers With Custom Solutions

Micro Matic has established its reputation in the industry as a leading provider of draft dispensing equipment. Our Design Center has created uniquely crafted draft towers to fit the most discriminating bars of world-class hotels, restaurants, clubs and venues.

Beer Line Cleaning ROI

One of the biggest returns for bar operators today is the money invested in line cleaning. Line cleaning is critical to serving a great glass of draft beer, and the cost associated with cleaning should be viewed as an investment with a high return.

Serve Superior Beverages with the Best Beer Faucet Offered by Micro Matic

Whether serving beer for your home party or selling in your commercial establishment, dispensing from kegs with a draft system offers convenience and a refreshing experience.

Life-Saving Alarms for CO2 Leaks: Safety Against Life-Threatening Hazards in the Workplace

It’s silent, odorless, and invisible: it’s CO2 gas. Death from CO2 gas leaks is PREVENTABLE and as an industry leader, we believe it needs to be talked about. Because when simply installing a CO2 alarm in your brewery could save countless lives, Micro Matic brings it to light.
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