Creamer Faucet - 304 Stainless Steel

Creamer Faucet - 304 Stainless Steel


Style. Purity. Quality.

The best faucet, constructed with 304 Grade Stainless Steel components. Our newest faucet features 304 Grade Stainless Steel (body and shaft assembly).


  • Creamer action: pull forward to pour, push back to finish with a creamy head
  • The best in purity—only 304 grade stainless steel touches the beverage
  • Stainless Steel lever is more durable than brass when used with tall, heavy handles
  • Highly polished exterior surface for a brilliant chrome—like finish
New Product!Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!


Body304 Grade Stainless Steel
FinishPolished Stainless Steel
Body Threads1-1/8"-18 Thread (U.S. Beer Industry Standard)
Lever MaterialStainless Steel
Lever Threads3/8"-16 UNC (Unified Coarse Thread)
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