Stout & Ale Faucet - Polished Stainless Steel Body

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Stout & Ale Faucet



  • The best in purity—all 304 stainless steel & plastic contact with the product
  • Pull forward to pour, push back for a creamy finish
  • Remove the restrictor disc to pour lagers or ales

Note: Faucet extends 1" further out from tower than standard beer faucet. Usage Tip: DO NOT pull faucet handle more than 45 degrees when pouring. Doing so will cause the internal diaphragm to fail and result in a permanent leak. For a leaking faucet, order replacement diaphragm, part number MM100—268 for repair.


Do I need special equipment to dispense a stout beer such as Guinness or Murphy’s?

Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!NSF Certified


TypeStout & Ale Faucet
Lever Threads3/8"-16 UNC (Unified Coarse Thread)
BodyPolished 304 Stainless Steel
Body Threads1-1/8"-18 Thread (U.S. Beer Industry Standard)
Over all Length3-5/16"
NozzlePlastic (Black)
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Diaphragm failed after 4 months of commercial use
By John Paul Murton from Providence, RI on Monday, December 1, 2014
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The faucet is solid across the board with the exception of the diaphragm failure. We're a small coffee shop in New England, pulling cold brewed coffee through this tap about 30 times a day, 6 days a week. I was pretty surprised to have coffee suddenly come flowing out of the top of my tap handle in the middle of an afternoon shift. We opened it up and found a tear where a thinner piece of rubber disc meets the thickened gasket. If you can't afford to have your tap system go down for days until the replacement arrives, buy a couple replacement diaphragms when you get this faucet.

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2 100-263 Knurled Nut, Stout Faucets $7.09 In Stock
2A 100-512 Knurled Nut, Stout Faucets $9.99 In Stock
3 100-269 Cam, Stout Faucets $29.36 In Stock
3A 100-470 Cam, Stout Faucets $18.90 In Stock
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7A 100-379 Top Cap, Stout Faucets $19.24 In Stock
8 100-223 Locator, Stout Faucets $3.58 In Stock
9 100-228 Spring, Stout Faucet $4.25 In Stock
10 100-248 Spindle Assembly $19.91 In Stock
11 100-225 Collar, Stout Faucets $2.70 In Stock
12 MM100-268 Diaphragm, Stout Faucets $5.13 In Stock
13 4318 Faucet Coupling Washer $0.61 In Stock
14 100-22 O-Ring, Stout Faucets $0.81 In Stock
15 100-32 Restrictor, Stout Faucets $3.98 In Stock
16 100-33 Straightener, Stout Faucets $1.01 In Stock
17 R1000 Disc & Flow Straightener $7.97 In Stock
18 100-34 Spout, Stout Faucets $7.63 In Stock
19 G9508 Spout Pack, Stout Faucets $42.53 In Stock