CO2 Personal Safety Monitor

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CO2 Personal Safety Monitor


Do you do service or install work in walk-in coolers? Are you a brewer?

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, faintly acidic-tasting, non-flammable gas. It can be deadly even when normal oxygen levels are present. Reaching hazardous levels of carbon dioxide can occur quickly and without warning and result in serious health effects or death.

The SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor is designed for workers in enclosed areas where carbon dioxide buildup may cause personal harm. It is designed to alert the wearer and those around that they are in an area that contains an excessive amount of carbon dioxide gas (CO2).

The best personal CO2 monitor! The rugged yet lightweight SAN-10 clips on your belt for real-time CO2 alerts. The 12+ hour rechargeable battery ensures all day monitoring of the environment you are working in.

The SAN-10 has a man down alarm that is triggered when the wearer falls. This alarm includes a visual high impact strobe, audible sound and vigorous vibrator.


  • Alarms: audible, visual strobe and vibrating
  • Man down alarm - leverages accelerometer technology
  • Rugged design with protective rubber enclosure
  • Heavy duty metal clip
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery – 12+ hours per charge
  • Large LCD display: CO2, temperature, %RH
  • Calibrate using nitrogen or ambient air    
  • IP54 housing protects against dust and rain
  • Programmable alarm settings
  • 110/240 VAC USB Wall Adapter
  • USB Cable for Charging

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TypeCO2 Personal Safety Monitor
Dimensions2 X 4 X 4
Weight4 oz
BatteriesRechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery Life12+ hours per charge
CaseProtective rubber enclosure w/ heavy duty metal clip
CO2 Measurement Range0-5% Vol
CO2 Sensor Accuracy±200ppm ±10% reading value
CO2 Measurement Interval2 seconds
Audible Alarm90 db @ 10 cm
Temperature Range14~140°F (-10~60°C)
Temperature Accuracy±0.9°F (±0.5°C)
Humidity Range0-90% non-condensing
Humidity Accuracy±4.5% RH
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