Analox 60+ Kiosk CO2 Leak Gas Monitor

CO2 Safety Monitor - Kiosk


The Analox Ax60+ Kiosk is a smaller version of the popular Ax60+. Designed especially for smaller restaurants to detect the presence of carbon dioxide for the protection of people in confined spaces. Installing a gas detection monitor will help to comply with IFC, NFPA55, NBIC, OSHA and CGA all refer to installing a carbon dioxide detection or monitoring system to ensure the working environment is safe at all times.

CO2 Safety Simplified

Standards around the world mandate that employees and customers are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) as it is a highly toxic gas even in small quantities. When an Analox instrument detects potentially dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the air, it triggers an audible alarm and visual indicator at the walk-in cooler entrance. Analox uses and infrared detector system with state-of-the-art monitoring technology. Dependable protection made simple.


  • Designed for smaller restaurants
  • Fitted with audio and visual alarms
  • Excess levels of carbon dioxide are detected and alarm is triggered
  • Safe mode indicator (green light flashing only)
  • 2-piece kit: sensor and alarm
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