Premium Plus Secondary Regulator - Low Pressure - 0-60 PSI - 1 Gauge - 1 Product - Pass-Thru

Premium Plus Secondary Regulator - Low Pressure - 0-60 PSI - 1 Gauge - 1 Product - Pass-Thru


Micro Matic is committed to producing the best quality gas equipment in the industry. Made right here in the USA, every regulator that leaves our plant goes through a rigorous quality control testing process ensuring accuracy, reliability, and optimal performance in the market. Our new Premium Plus regulator offers industry-leading features, providing a better performing, better quality, and better-tested regulator.

Safely and effectively control the flow of CO2 to a single keg in your draft beer system. Secondary gas regulators reduce pressure from a primary regulator or gas blender and provide this lower pressure to each individual keg. Easily add another carbonated beverage to your existing system with this Premium Plus secondary regulator; the integrated pass-thru bar saves time and provides convenience in the field. For added safety, the integrated pressure relief valve stops the gas flow if the pressure gets too high (55-65 PSI). Premium Plus regulators come standard with a tamper-evident adjustment screw and bonnet, preventing unauthorized adjustment to gas pressure which can cause service issues.


  • Adjust pressure from 0 to 60 PSI
  • Hose barbs on both sides for series connections and convenience in the field
  • Built for durability: forged brass body, accurate machining, chrome-plated finish
  • Premium quality metal gauges for durability
  • Tamper-evident adjustment screw and bonnet
  • Enlarged CO2 port for high volume
  • Factory leak tested at 145 PSI
  • Safety relief valve releases at 55-65 PSI
  • Made in the USA
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Performance1 Pressure / 1 Product
Output Pressure Gauge0-60 PSI, for accurate product pressure
Outlet Barbs3/8" O.D. (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hoses)
Tank Pressure Gauge0-3000 PSI, for accurate remaining tank pressure
Pressure Relief ValveSafety Pressure Relief Valve Releases at 55-65 PSI
InstallationWall mount, bracket included
CapacitySCFM 3.5 Max
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