In-Line Double Profit Maximizer - Plastic

PRO-MAX Wall Mount Double (FOB) - P


Reduce Pour Cost & Maximize Profits!

Minimize beer loss when changing kegs

Foam is beer – stop wasting it when a keg empties. PRO-MAX (FOB detector) senses an empty keg, and shut down the flow of beer in the line. With PRO-MAX in-line profit maximizer the beer line remains full when the keg empties. There is no need to re-fill the beer line: this reduces waste and maximizes glasses per keg. Multiply the glasses wasted per week by your profit per glass to see the money you could gain with a profit maximizer.

Easy to Operate

Replace the keg, reset the PRO-MAX (FOB), and beer is flowing again.


  • Double plastic FOB
  • (2) two 4-1/4 fl oz chamber volume
  • Never stop pouring
  • Automatically switches from empty to new keg
  • Compact design
  • Plastic, FDA Listed Material
  • Up to 140 psi working pressure
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Wall mount
  • Threaded connections for hex nut


TypeWall Mount, reversible bracket
Overall Height8-1/2"
CleaningRotate top knob to lift float
Reset CO2 BleedPush button
ConnectionsHex Nut threaded
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