RPV Closed Systems

The RPV Closed System is designed for Returnable/Refillable and On-Site Refilling programs.
The RPV Closed System offers an alternative to the RSV (stainless steel) Closed System while providing the flexibility to interchange stainless steel
couplers and container valves with composite plastic couplers and container valves to best serve different operating and application environments.
This feature allows for standardization of a 4 key Closed System for drums and IBCs / Totes. The RPV Container Valve comes with a 1 year warranty*
and cannot be rebuilt. The Composite Dispense Coupler offers a unique one piece probe and locking capability to keep DEF Closed, Sealed & Secure.
The Composite Dispense Coupler comes with a 1 year warranty* and can be rebuilt. If you are looking to streamline operations, the RPV Closed System 
is an effective option to “Go Closed” on any containers that are OPEN and/or to transition from the EPV Closed System and simplify the end-use operations
with a standardized 4 key Container Valve
and Coupler System.