RSV (Reusable Stainless Valve)
Closed System

The RSV Closed System is designed for Returnable/Refillable and On-Site Refilling programs. When the container is emptied
and all tamper evident seals are intact, it can be reused and refilled without cleaning or reconditioning.

The RSV Container Valve comes with a 5 year warranty* and is also rebuildable, making it last for years.
This will ultimately reduce packaging, processing costs and increase operating efficiencies…the more you refill, 
the more you can save!

As referenced in the RPV Closed System overview, 4 key stainless steel couplers and container valves are interchangable
with RPV (composite plastic) Closed Systems. If you have the ability to recover and reuse containers or if your demand requires
a robust system that can stand up to the toughest of operation 
or application environments, the RSV Closed System is the solution for you.