EPV Closed System - Overview

EPV (Economic Plastic Valve)
Closed System

For One Way - Single Use Applications

For Dispensing Only
A low cost Closed, Sealed & Secure System solution for drums and IBC (totes). Designed for use when operations require the container package to be used once, emptied and disposed / recycled.

Single Use - Closed, Sealed & Secure Container Valve System

EPV Closed System - Features & Benefits

Low Cost & Economical

Dispense Coupler

Closed, Sealed & Secure
Spring actuated and self-closing upon disconnect keeps product contained within the dispense hose, eliminating any chance of spills. Dry Disconnect - Less than 2 milliliters.

Reusable - Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Provides many years of service life.

70 Micron Filter
Protects product from particulates during dispense.

Proprietary Keyed System
Controls who can access container for dispensing.
(Requires matching keyed EPV Container Valve)

Dust Cover

Protects Container Valve against debris
Used as best practice for maintaining ultimate purity.

Tamper Evident Crimp-on Ring

Secures and protects container valve from unauthorized removal
Used as best practice for security and protection. to ensure packaging integrity.

Container Valve

Closed, Sealed & Secure
Self-closing upon disconnect, prevents unauthorized access to container contents. Dry Break of less than 10 milliliters.

Single Use - Plastic Construction
Low cost Closed System Solution.

Eco-friendly recyclable plastic components, no dismantling required.

Color Coded Proprietary Keyed System
Controls who can access container for dispensing.
(Requires matching keyed EPV Dispense Coupler)

Down Tube

Maximizes Product Yield
Length designed to reach and locate in container sump
for optimum product extraction and to minimize waste
(100 milliliters or less).


Container Valve - Installation Instructions

How To Create the EPV Closed System Container Package

Create the EPV Container Valve Assembly

Priming Down Tube
Firmly insert Down Tube over Priming Tool until it touches the base and then remove.

Make the Connection
Firmly insert container valve bottom tube into Down Tube. Ensure Down Tube installs and touches base of container valve.

Check to Ensure Proper Assembly
Make sure that when inserting over container valve o-ring seal, the o-ring does not move out of groove and does not become compromised in the process.

Install & Secure EPV Container Valve Assembly into Container

Insert Container Valve to Container
Insert EPV Container Valve Assembly into a 2.5” x 5 buttress opening container. Firmly screw Container Valve hand-tight into container.

Check to Ensure Proper Down Tube Alignment to Bottom Sump
Drums: Use bung opening located directly above sump. IBC (Totes): Ensure Down Tube is positioned in the sump (bottom valve area of the tote).

Torque in Container Valve
Insert the EPV Container Valve Install / Removal Tool onto the 1/2” drive torque wrench and place into the EPV Container Valve. Torque clockwise to 12-15 ft./lbs.

Install Tamper Evidence
Place Tamper Evident Crimp-On Ring over Valve. Make sure it rests flat on the top surface of the container valve.

Secure Tamper Evidence
Place Crimp-On Tool over Crimp-On Ring and Pull Handles outward and down until handles stop.

Check to Ensure Proper Installation
Make sure Crimp-On Ring is secured over both the Container Valve and the Container bung molding.


Dispense Coupler - Connect & Disconnect Instructions

It’s Simple As Turn, Click & Go!


Ensure that the color coding on the Dispense Coupler matches the Container Valve.

Push Down
Firmly press palm of your hand down. NOTE: Dispense Coupler will begin to slowly turn clock-wise.

Turn, Click & Lock
While pushing down, use your other hand to turn hose clock-wise until you hear a click. Coupler is properly connected when it clicks and locks in down position.


Pull Up Release Lever
On the side of the Dispense Coupler, pull up release lever.

Turn Hose Counter-Clockwise
By turning hose counter-clockwise, Dispense Coupler will unlock from container valve.

Pull Up & Remove
When Dispense Coupler cannot turn counter-clockwise anymore, remove by lifting up.