EPV (Economic Plastic Valve) Closed System

The EPV Closed System is designed for Dispensing Only and used for One Way/Single Trip Programs. 
Due to the service life of the container being single use, the EPV Container Valve is designed with a quality HDPE plastic construction
for reliable performance and contains eco-friendly recyclable parts that minimize packaging costs and simplify container disposal.
The EPV Dispense Coupler is made of stainless steel, providing end-users with many years of reuse. The EPV Dispense Coupler
comes with a 3 year warranty* and is rebuildable. The EPV Closed System offers a low cost solution for packaging where DEF is dispensed
and disposed without the container being reused. Even though drums and IBCs / Totes are typically One Way / Single Trip,
protecting DEF Purity is important and the most effective way to achieve this is with Closed Systems.