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What's the Best Beer Faucet

Whether serving beer for your home party or selling in your commercial establishment, dispensing from kegs with a draft system offers convenience and a refreshing experience. With no need for your guests to open a bottle of beer, dispensing from a faucet is more profitable for any retail or hospitality-based business. All you need to do is to tap the keg and you have flowing, fresh beer.

The faucet is one of the most critical components in a draft beer system. To avoid dispensing issues such as foam, environmental exposure, and to encourage repeat purchases, you’ll want to ensure you choose the best beer faucet available.

Why Choose the Best Beer Faucet?

The beer system consists of various components that must be made of reliable materials for you to maintain and serve fresh cold beer. Because each part of the system plays a different role, the quality and cleanliness of your beer can be compromised if a sub-standard faucet design or materials are used.

An exceptional grade beer faucet is quite important as it is in contact with the beer and the outside world.

It is better to find a company that supplies high quality and cost-effective dispensing systems and solutions, then regret performance issues with a purchase down the road. With many suppliers of beverage dispensing systems, we recommend that you choose a company that sells reliable products designed to protect the quality of your beer.

Micro Matic is one of the most trusted suppliers of beer systems and components. We help retailers, breweries, and beer enthusiasts by providing beer dispensing systems with the best faucet. Our goal is to maximize the beer’s taste and quality, and our customer’s profitability.

What Makes a Beer Tap/Faucet High-Quality?

The material of a beer faucet is one of the factors that determine its quality. Another one is how easy it is to assemble and clean.

Stainless Steel vs. Brass or Chrome Plated Brass: Stainless Steel Beer Faucets Will Protect the Quality of the Beer

What is the Best Beer Faucet? At Micro Matic, the majority of dispensing components are constructed with Type 304 stainless steel. We highly emphasize stainless steel beer faucets since they are hygienic, easily cleaned, and much more durable compared to those made of brass. Type 304 stainless is ideal for contact with numerous types of beverages, particularly of acidic nature, due to its incredible resistance to corrosion and ultra smooth surface.

On the other hand, the surfaces of brass faucets are porous and absorbent resulting in excessive growth of beer spoilers. Currently other manufactures utilize brass as the standard for many of their system’s components. The attraction is lower cost of material and machining versus stainless. Chrome plated brass provides an appearance similar to stainless although the plating soon wears off exposing beer to brass.

Keep in mind that the faucet is the dirtiest part of the beer dispensing system because it is exposed to an environment containing oxygen and other airborne contaminants. In commercial establishments, the best beer faucets are stainless steel.

Although there are no regulations prohibiting the use of brass components for beer dispensing systems, we always recommend stainless steel for faucets and all other metal components in contact with products. Some commercial establishments attempt to reduce upfront costs by using brass faucets. Unfortunately, due to the nature of brass surfaces, eventual beer spoilers such as yeast and bacteria growth will discourage repeat sales and result in performance issues. Directly impacting future operation costs and beer quality.

Advantages of Rear-Sealing Faucet Over Forward-Sealing Faucet

What is the Best Beer Faucet?

Rear-sealing beer faucets will protect your beer from contamination. The reason Micro Matic chooses seal at the rear of the faucet is because it protects beer from exposure in the dirtiest part of the system. Essentially, it allows the beer to stay in the cooler part of the system, instead of inside the body of the faucet, reducing exposure of the beer to heat or oxygen.

Exposing the beer to heat accelerates bacteria growth affecting the quality / flavor of your beer. Once the lever on our rear-sealing faucet is pulled forward, beer flows from the rear of the faucet, into the body and then out the spout. As lever is pushed back, beer is sealed at rear and beer flows out of body and spout. This is ideal with stainless faucets.

With forward-sealing faucets, most often associated with Perlick, the whole body of the faucet is full of beer when not dispensing. It exposes the beer to heat and oxygen, which could result in accelerating bacterial growth. Because the body of the faucet is full of beer, it does tend to have less beer glue (or dried beer). The faucet will tend to stick less when trying to open it, however it puts the beer at risk for contamination when sitting in the body of the faucet.

Historically, the standard method for sealing faucets has been the rear-sealing method. This keeps the beer away from the exposed environment of the faucet body. As well, because this has been the standard for years, individuals have had time to perfect the sealing portion and reduce the risk of experiencing leaks.

At Micro Matic, we recommend rear-sealing stainless-steel faucets as they are hygienic, easy to clean and very resistant to corrosion.

What Happens to the Brass Faucet When You Clean it?

For health and safety purposes, you should disassemble and clean the faucet every two weeks to remove the beer spoiling contaminants yeast, mold and bacteria. When you clean a brass faucet on a regular basis, the chrome plating will wear off and expose the beer to brass. Brass has a very porous surface oh which pockets form for the beer spoilers to accumulate. These pockets are difficult to clean resulting in tarnished beer.

Moreover, the cleaning solutions used on brass will quickly corrode the brass surfaces and remove plating. Type 304 stainless steel faucets are impervious to corrosion and with smooth durable surfaces, much less likely to impart a flavor change with beer.

As a consumer at a commercial establishment, you would have a hard time telling if a faucet is made of brass by just looking at it because of the chrome plating. When you choose Micro Matic, you will have peace of mind that we are transparent in our products and offer true stainless-steel faucets.

How Our Beer Faucet Differs from Other Brands Such as Perlick

What is the Best Beer Faucet?

What makes a beer tap faucet high quality? What is the best type of beer faucet? The determining factor is hygiene. The cleanliness of your faucet is what affects the taste of your beer, and in turn directly impacts the perception of customers at your business, whether positive or negative. Therefore, the type of material the faucet is made of, how it seals, and how easy it is to clean it are the top characteristics used to evaluate the quality of a beer faucet.

Whether you are selling beer in a hotel, bar, or restaurant, or love to host parties, it is essential that you invest in a reliable dispensing system. The faucet has a significant impact on the beer that you sell or serve to your guests.

Micro Matic has been compared to other brands of beer dispensing systems, like Perlick. The most notable design difference between Perlick and Micro Matic faucets are the sealing components. Perlick’s faucets are primarily forward sealing, where-as Micro Matic’s are rear-sealing.

Use the Best Beer Faucet and Serve Fresh and Clean Beer

If you are looking for a hygienic and easy way to dispense beer in your home or commercial establishment, Micro Matic can help you. We offer the best beer faucets: rear-sealing and made of stainless steel.

If you are looking for innovative beverage dispensing systems designed with advanced technology, call us today at +1 866-291-5756!

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