draft beer faqs

What is the proper way to dispense beer using a party pump?

Party pumps are generally used in single keg special event environments such as picnics, backyard BBQ's, beach parties, etc. The hand operated pump is the pressure source that forces the beer out of the keg. With this method of dispensing, the beer should be consumed within a few hours, because the outside air pumped into the keg will cause a bacteria reaction that will spoil the beer within 8-12 hours.

If you have partially dispensed a keg using a party pump (air) you should not use CO2 to finish dispensing it. When using a party pump, the keg must be finished the same day for best flavor. A classic mistake when operating a party pump is that the user will pump first and then open the faucet, this generally results in a faster (foamy) pour.

To properly dispense draft beer using a party pump:

  1. Tap the keg.
  2. Open the faucet until all the pressure is relieved.
  3. Open the faucet and begin pumping until the desired flow rate reached.
  4. Stop pumping, only pump with faucet open and only pump to maintain a good beer flow.
  5. Repeat step #3 until keg is empty.

After purchasing the keg it is recommended to cover the keg with a blanket or keg jacket. This will help insulate the keg and keep it cool during transit. Once the keg is to the location in which it will be dispensed, put the keg in a barrel of ice. Keg draft beer is best served cold (36-38° F). If not kept cold, excessive foaming will occur. Keep pump and keg out of direct sunlight. When not in use, submerge beer line and faucet in ice on top of keg.

Note: To prevent party pump and keg valve damage, do not use the party pump to lift keg.