Closed Mixing System

The Closed Mixing System

Designed to meet the California Department of Pesticides Regulation Director's Closed System Criteria, the Closed Mixing System is a cost effective and easy to use solution for compliance. 

Key Features:

  • Quick Connect Connecting and disconnecting
    simple as "Turn, Click & Go"

  • Quick Dispense 1.8 GPM flow rate
    (water at ambient temperature)

  • User-Friendly Designed for ease of use
    and handling

  • Protects Workers & the Environment Allows for
    Closed System transfer of hazardous liquid pesticides

  • Sustainable Durable Stainless Steel Construction provides many years of reuse

Closed, Sealed & Secure...For Purity, Performance & Protection


The Closed Mixing System - Features & Benefits

Quick & Easy to Use

Dispense Coupler

Closed, Sealed & Secure
Spring actuated and self-closing dry disconnect is designed to keep product contained within the dispense coupler and jug, eliminating leaks and spills.

Reusable - Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Provides many years of service life.

Available Elastomers
Includes Viton seals for chemical compatibility. Other seals may be available, please contact us for details.

When the jug is triple rinsed, the Dispense Coupler is also cleaned. An additional process is not required for Dispense Coupler cleaning.

Breather Vent

One Way Air Inlet Valve
Allows for air to enter Dispense Coupler and up into jug for quicker dispensing.


Ergonomic & Ease to Use
Used to activate & deactivate closed system liquid transfer.
When handle is activated, internal cutter breaks seal of jug and allows for liquid to transfer from jug into inductor / mixing tank.

Coupler Neck

360º Swivel Connection
Allows for quick and easy jug installation. Connects to 63mm diameter openings on 1, 2 1/2 & 5 gallon pesticide jug containers.

Triple Rinse Dry Break

Quick Connect Valve
Connects to rinsing hose for triple rinsing.

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Protects Workers from Jug Over-pressurization
A safety feature that releases only incoming rinse water when too much pressure is built in jug during triple rinse.

RSV Container Valve

Integrates with Inductor System / Mixing Tank
2” NPT male threaded valve installs into inductor / mixing tank 2" NPT female threaded opening or adapter
plate. Requires 3 key Installation / Removal Tool for proper installation. Torque specification (25 ft./lbs.)

RSV Dispense Coupler
Mounting Bracket

Protects Seals & Keeps Partially Emptied
Jugs Closed

Allows for jugs that have not been completely emptied stored for later use.


Closed Mixing System - Installation Instructions

How To Install the RSV Closed System Container Valve


RSV Container Valve Installation

1. Insert Container Valve into Cap
/ Mounting Plate Adapter

Installation requires a 2" NPT threaded
opening to properly install the 2" NPT Container Valve.

2. Pre-thread Container Valve
Firmly hand-tighten Container Valve into opening to eliminate cross-threading.

3. Torque in Container Valve
Using a torque wrench with a 1/2" drive connect the #741-015 (3 Key RSV Container Valve Install / Removal Tool) and torque Container Valve to 25 ft. /lbs.

Operating Instructions

1. Connect Coupler to Jug
Remove cap from jug and connect coupler.

2. Secure Coupler to Jug
Turn coupler clockwise and hand tighten.

3. Connect Coupler to Container Valve
Line-up coupler pins with container valve cams and insert.

4. Secure Coupler to Container Valve
Turn Coupler Clockwise until stops.

5. Activate Handle to Dispense
Push handle into down position. Handle must lock and stay in the down position for product to dispense.

6. Connect Rinse Hose
Once jug completely empties, connect rinse hose to rinser. Note: the handle must remain activated and in the down position.

7. Triple Rinse
Triple rinse by turning the rinser hose In-Line Valve "ON".

8. Disconnect Rinse Hose

9. Remove Coupler from Container Valve
Pull out handle to release lock and lift up. Turn coupler counter-clockwise and lift to remove.

10. Unscrew Empty Jug
Turn coupler neck counter-clockwise, remove jug from coupler and dispose/recycle.

PRV Safety Feature
During rinsing, if coupler handle is in up position (container valve is shut), rinse
water will be released from the pressure relief valve.

The Closed Jug System is self-cleaning during the triple rinse cycle and does not require an additional process.