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Glycol Draft Beer Cooling Components


Micro Matic stocks draft beer systems “To Go!” Call one of our draft equipment specialists today for a quote on your next system. Chances are you’re within 1-3 days delivery from our four regional warehouses.

Glycol systems have become very popular because of their ability to maintain the walk-in cooler’s temperature and deliver cold beer up to 500’. Most glycol beer systems are 100’ or less. Micro Matic has the equipment for your next system – in stock!

Power Pack
The heart of a glycol system is the power pack, a refrigeration unit chilling food grade anti-freeze (glycol). The chilled glycol is then pumped through insulated trunk line containing the beer lines. Power packs are sized for the length of run between the keg and the faucet.

Don’t settle for less – order the best: Micro Matic glycol is 100% USP Grade Propylene Glycol. Our glycol also acts as a lubricant, prolonging the pump’s life on the power pack unit. Mix with 2-1/2 gallons of water when adding to the power pack bath.  The glycol bath must be flushed and re-filled on an annual basis for optimum performance.

Trunkline, also known as python, is the conduit delivering the beer to the dispense tower. It contains these components and layers:

  • Beer Line
    Brewmaster Two barrier tubing is ultra smooth inner walls provide reduced potential for bacterial growth, less resistance, and no flavor migration. It is also color-coded for easy line identification.
  • Glycol Line
    Color-coded polyethylene hose for out-going (blue) and returning (red) glycol.
  • Moisture Barrier Wrap
    Forms a tight wrap around beer and glycol lines and retains condensation from entering insulation layer.
  • Foil Wrap
    Conducts cold transfer from glycol lines to beer lines.
  • Insulation
    Industry standard: ¾” wall closed cell insulation.
  • Outside Barrier Jacket
    Provides a smooth surface for easy sliding in chase, protecting the insulation.

Installation Equipment
Our Installation Kits are complete packages containing the necessary fittings to complete a glycol system installation.

Replacement Parts
We stock power pack replacement parts to get ‘em out fast and keep your system running.

For an understanding of a complete draft beer system setups, see our system diagrams.

If you don't see what you're looking for, or need more information to order a draft beer system, please give us a call at 1-866-291-5756 or send us an email at We also invite you to visit our Discussion Forum where Troubleshooting topics and replies are posted.

Our goal is a user-friendly system, easy to install and maintain, delivering great draft beer!