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Kegerators and Draft Beer Dispensers

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    Enjoy cold, fresh draft beer at home and save money, too! A glass of draft beer is about half the cost of serving cans or bottles. Kegerator Kits are ideal for the home bar, patio, college activities or custom installations. The kits make an excellent alternative to the more expensive Keg Refrigerator or Kegerators.
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    There has never been an anatomy class like this. You'll enjoy the final exam - pour a perfect glass of draft beer. Take a tour of the components and equipment settings of a draft beer dispenser. Our animated presentation will leave you thirsty.
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    Its true, kegerators and kegerator kits are actually a much cheaper way to drink beer. Think about it, buying in bulk is always the best way to save, right? Thats what a kegerator does; it allows you to buy beer in bulk. When you purchase beer by the keg you pay 50% less than if you purchased bottled beer.
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    Draft Beer Problems Solved Almost all beer dispensing problems are the result of improper temperature, pressure or cleaning issues. Learn how to serve beer.

Kegerator (Tapping Kit Incl.)

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