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Dispense Institute Advanced Training Course

The Micro Matic Dispense Institute training centers are dedicated to improving draft beer quality through education. You will gain the knowledge to make a difference by applying new skills and technology to draft beer dispense systems. Take the opportunity to expand the draft dispensing skills of your team. Hear insights from our field trained instructors, and leverage their experience as your staff gains the essential skills and knowledge needed to install and service draft beer systems.

The three day Advanced Training course is taught at each of our U.S facilities (CA, FL, IL, and PA). Make a reservation today to be part of the course attended by over 2,500 excited personnel from breweries, wholesalers, and draft service companies.

Micro Matic also pleased to offer our new Dispense Institute On-Site Training Workshops in which we bring a team, featuring one of our field trained instructors, to your location and conduct as interactive presentation!

And newly made available, our Dispense Institute On-Line (Technical Reference) Edition. This technical reference is an interactive guide to the fundamentals of draft beer dispensing.

Advanced Class Program Agenda

3-Day Course Features:

  • Field Trained Instructors
  • Innovative Installation Techniques
  • Hands-On Lab Instruction
  • World Class Training Manual
  • Certified Results
*Classes fill up quickly. Please be sure to register before booking travel.
2015 West Central Northeast Southeast
January 27 –29 Instructor: Joe 6 – 8 Instructor: David 20 – 22 Instructor: Scott 13 – 15 Instructor: Joe
February 10 – 12 Instructor: Joe 3 –5 Instructor: Scott 24 - 26 Instructor: Scott
March 24 – 26 Instructor: Joe 3 – 5 Instructor: David
April 21 – 23 Instructor: Joe 28 – 30 Instructor: David 7 – 9 Instructor: David 21 – 23Instructor: Scott
May 5 – 7 Instructor: Scott 12 – 14 Instructor: David
June 2 – 4 Instructor: Joe 16 – 18 Instructor: Scott
July 7 – 9 Instructor: Scott 21 – 23 Instructor: David 28 – 30 Instructor: Joe 7 – 9 Instructor: Joe
August 4 – 6 Instructor: Scott 18 – 20 Instructor: Joe 11 – 13 Instructor: David
September 15 – 17 Instructor: Scott 15 – 17 Instructor: David 22 – 24 Instructor: Joe
October 27 – 29 Instructor: Joe 20 – 22 Instructor: David 20 – 22 Instructor: Scott
November 10 – 12 Instructor: David 17 – 19 Instructor: Scott 3 – 5 Instructor: David
December 1 – 3 Instructor: Joe 15 – 17 Instructor: David 8 – 10 Instructor: Scott

Course Topics

  • Keg Package
  • Temperature and Storage
  • Dispense Equipment Components
  • System Balancing
  • Using Mixed Gas (Nitrogen / CO2)
  • Dispense Systems Designs & Applications
    - Direct Draw System
    - Air Cooled System
    - Glycol Cooled System
  • Hands-On Installation Techniques & Practices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality Assurance
    - Glassware
    - Line Cleaning

Course Instructors

Tom GeordtTom Geordt

Tom Geordt, AKA Tech Tom, has been working with draught beer equipment and installations for over 20 years.  He has designed thousands of beer systems both in the U.S. and around the world.  Tom has traveled throughout North America educating draught beer service people, restaurant and bar owners, and installers of draught beer equipment about the advantages and profitability of dispensing draught beer correctly.  He is currently the Technical Director for Micro Matic.

Scott SuhseScott Zuhse

Scott Zuhse joined Micro Matic in 2002 after a career of 18 years at the Coors Brewing Company where he held numerous positions within the Sales and Organizational Development departments.  During this time, Scott worked 10 years in the Coors National Draught Sales and Service as Training/Research and Development Specialist conducting the basic and advanced draught training certification workshops.  Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and his passion for draught beer quality into the classroom.

Joe LinquistJoe Linquist

Joe Linquist, AKA the Micro Matic Knowledge Architect, is an expert in draft beer business development with more than 25 years of experience in the beer business.  He is a professional educator with a rich blend of technical and business skills, a passionate, creative individual, who takes pride in engaging others and achieving goals by doing things differently.

David GreenDavid Green 

David Green joined Micro Matic in 2001 as an Area Sales Representative responsible for six Midwest states.  Dave joined the Training Group in 2006 as a course instructor, facilitating both three day Dispense Institute programs and on-site training.  During his tenure as a Micro Matic Area Sales Representative Dave consulted with wholesalers, retailers and system installers with a simple goal of accomplishing a perfect glass of beer.


Registration Information

How do I sign up?
Complete the Contact Sales form above, or call toll free: 1-866-327-4159 and speak with your sales representative.

When are classes?
Classes are offered quarterly at each of our four regional distribution facilities. Customized Workshops are also available upon request.

Is there a fee?
$495 per person includes: World-Class Training Manual, Classroom Materials, and Hands on experience with draft beer systems as well as lunches each training day, and one group dinner after the second training day.

What about accommodations?
Hotel suggestions will be provided.

What should I wear?
Dress casual - you will be working as you are learning!


19791 Bahama Street
Northridge, CA 91324

10726 North Second Street
Machesney Park, IL 61115

2364 Simon Court
Brooksville, FL 34604

4601 Saucon Creek Road
Center Valley, PA 18034