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Pouring the Perfect Beer

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A Clean Glass is the Start of the Perfect Pour

Perfecting the perfect pour is an essential part of being a great bar tender. Whether you are serving beer in a bar or from the comfort of your own home, learning the techniques for the perfect pour will ensure you are always serving draft beer the way the brewer intended. The perfect pour is an art, affecting not only the presentation of the beer but more importantly the flavor.

Watch Out for Dirty Glasses

Glassware can have a significant affect on the taste of the beer you are serving, yet it is often forgotten. Proper cleaning techniques for glassware will ensure the best presentation for draft beer. Dirty glasses can cause excessive foaming and overflow resulting in lost beer and lost revenue. Make sure you are using the proper detergent; if you use bleach or iodine your customers will smell it; and oil-based detergents affect head retention. See Presenting Draft Beer & What Could Go Wrong

Mind the Glass

Your glass will tell you a lot about your pour. The perfect pour has a foam head that is about to inch thick. This head should remain for the entirety of the beers consumption. There should be no bubbles. If there are bubbles rising or clinging to the sides of the glass, it is an indication there is film present in the glass. A perfect pour will achieve lacing. Lacing is when a ring appears on the inside of a glass at each sip of beer. As the beer nears its end, a series of rings should be present on the glass wall. View the Beer System Cleaning Video

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