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    Question How noisy is your Kegerator?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum... This place truly is beer lover's heaven
    I'm about to pull the trigger on one of the "non-commercial" Kegerator (probably a Summit from what I've been reading)

    The unit will be placed in my living room (small apt.) which leads me to my main question: how much noise do these units produce? Is it noticeable in a fairly silent room?

    Thanks for your help.


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    I have a Summit SBC-500 and it is not noisy at all. Of course if you are going to do a built in application you want to make sure there is proper ventilation around the unit so the compressor is not kicking on all the time.

    I would say that my Summit unit is just as quiet as my regular refridgerator except for the fact that my reg fridge has a noisy ice maker.

    You should be fine and have very minimal noise, you might just hear the compressor kicking on thats about it then silent from there!

    Cheers and good luck.

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