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    Default Converting a Magic Chef Wine Cooler to kegerator

    I am considering trying to convert a Magic Chef Wine Cooler model number MCWC52b into a kegerator. Here is a link for the thing MC Appliance Corporation Magicchef Wine Cooler Product Details.

    The inside dimensions as I measured them are:
    Height: 28"
    Width: 16.5"
    Depth 16.5" (From the bulge at the bottom to the door is 12")

    Does anyone know if this will fit 2 of the small sixth barrell size kegs and a 5lb CO2 tank? Or if even if it will fit 2 of the slim quarter kegs?

    I've been reading a lot about the sanyo 4912 conversion, but my friend is willing to give me this fridge if I can make it work.

    Any adivce will help.


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    My first question would be how cold can it get? It has to be able to get down to 38 degrees F or it won't do the job for a keg...

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    Room will be your biggest issue. It won't hold a 1/4 slim, and I doubt it'll hold 2 1/6th barrels, definitely not with the bottle in there.

    I'm sure it'll get down to temp although it'll most likely require that you modify/replace the existing thermostat.
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    Thanks for the replies. does anyone know the inside dimension of the Sanyo 4912. Or at least the minimum cubic feet or inside dimensions needed to fit either 2 cornys or 2 sixth barrels.


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