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    Default Freezer or fridge?

    I want to make my own kegerator and im not really sure if it would be better to use a chest freezer or just use a refrigerator set to a low temperature, like the 36-38 range? Any suggestions as to which would be better/more cost effective?

    Model suggestions would help a lot too!

    I was thinkin that no matter whether I try a chest freezer or refrigerator that conversion systems will be about the same price and require the same labor anyway. I hear though a freezer unit would need a temp controller thing thats like 99$ on this site?

    Im looking for something that can support a full keg, not a 1/4 or 1/2. I'm gonna use a door mount ideally.
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    The only problem I had when deciding was how to get the heavy keg into the chest freezer. So I went with a refrigerator. Sorry if I didn't answer your question completely.

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    Tough Call. I went with a chest freezer. I used a somewhat small chest freezer (7.0 cu ft. i think) so it doesn't take up much floorspace inside my kitchen. I decide to use the chest freezer because: (1) I think the chest freezer is easier to move than a standard size fridge (2) I could not find any mini-size fridge large enough for a full size keg. (3) the chest freezer is more versitile... i could use it as a fridge or freezer when needed. (4) I dont look too crazy for having two large refrigerators in my kitchen.

    Problems i've had: (1) lifting the heavy keg into the Freezer. (2) the freezer i have only has 16.25 inches of inside depth for the keg, so not all kegs will fit... this is a constant battle for me when ordering new kegs to somehow make sure that it will fit ( i know that coors and some rubber kegs will not fit).

    Bonuses: (1) The digital Temp control makes adjusting temp very easy and accurate. (2) The low profile of the freezer doesn;t make the house look crowded and the tower is pretty which makes it easier for my wife to let me keep it.

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    If I was to do it all over again, I would have a chest freezer that could accomodate two 1/2 barrels. I would use a small chainfall to lift the kegs into the freezer. bolt that hummer into a joist and lift away. but I have a kegerator and thats what I have to work with.
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