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Check Ball lifter?

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  • Check Ball lifter?

    I do not have the check ball lifter tool so I was wondering what would make a good substitute. Also, I have a S-coupler and was wondering how I would even use the check ball lifter once making one. I have to do this because I have the gravity feed cleaning system and I have to use the coupler to hold the beer in my lines.

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    I use a chopstick to lift mine. Free with a meal purchase at the local Chinese joint.
    I cool my tower with Beer.


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      this is what I do: First take the coupler off the keg, and then disconnect the beer line. push the check valve out with a brush. Then you can clean the coupler thoroughly with the same brush. While it's off run your cleaning fluid through the lines.

      I never did put the check valve back in. without the check valve a small amount of beer will drain backwards from the tap down to the connection for the coupler. This isn't an issue for me as the only time I take off the coupler is when the keg is empty.
      Alan in PA