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Beer temp and CO2 pressure question

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  • Beer temp and CO2 pressure question

    What is the proper liquid temp and co2 pressure for Yuengling and for Stella Artois? Being that Stella is a non-pasturized beer I have found that there is significantly less foam with that vs a domestic pasturized beer with my standard non modified Danby kegerator.

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    I wonder if you have that backwards.


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      I did have that backwards

      I meant to say that the Stella which is pasturized has considerably less foam. I read the article you attached but still unclear on the property temperature at the tap for Stella and what the proper CO2 pressure should be for both Yeungling and Stella. Thanks


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        The proper temperature is whatever you desire. You need to match your pressure to the temperature. Both should perform well @14 PSIG @ 38F. Adjust one pound for every two degree difference. Up for warmer, down for colder.

        Pasteurization does not have an impact on the gas in the beer.
        Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute