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Beverage Air BM23 Door Not Sealing

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  • Beverage Air BM23 Door Not Sealing

    Hi bought a used Beverage Air BM23 Kegerator. The seal on the bottom I noticed was not sealing, there was a small gap in the gasket, about 4 inches. It felt like a bit of cold air was escaping. I order a new gasket, but the same thing happened with the brand new gasket. I have even tried duct taping the door in the problem area, but the seal does not close. Is my door messed up? It seems like the thing runs without stopping, not sure if it is just the compressor fan on the outside or the thing is actually running.

    Also, the door seems to drop slight from right to left, not sure if this is causing the bad seal.

    Notice the gasket not sealing on the bottom of this pic.

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    That can happen a lot with a new gasket. Sometimes they just need to "wear in". You can try taking a heat gun to the area that needs to be stretched out a little & then taping the door shut as before. Make sure the gasket is fully seated in the track on the door, although from the pic it looks to be fully seated.

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      Whoa those pics are excessively large!

      Agree with ICEMAN, the door gasket seems to be fully seated.

      It looks like your door is bent, probably by too much torsional force applied throughout its lifetime. You can try to bend it back by twisting on it to try and get the outside sealing edge to be plumb.

      It also looks like it's sagging, but this is not too much of a problem unless it's not sealing at the top outer corner. You can make adjustments / bend at the hinges to correct the sagging.


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        Thanks for the tip. I just find it weird that the new gasket has the same gap in the same place as the old one. Is it possible there are no magnets in that part of the gasket?

        Also, should I be alarmed that this thing sounds like it is running all the time, it doesnt seem to cycle. Inside temp is around 40 degrees with a thermometer in a glass of water. I have the setting on between 4 and 5.


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          The gasket doesn't matter if your door is bent... and your door is bent, there was probably nothing horribly wrong with the old gasket, even if it looked rough. There is a magnet in all facing surfaces of the gasket, but it will NOT pull the door into being straight again. YOUR DOOR IS BENT, bend it back into shape or replace it.

          Also, where your Co2 hose enters appears to be a much larger hole than necessary, if there is any airspace around it, this is VERY bad for the lifetime a and efficiency of the unit, seal up this hole.

          DO NOT RUN THE UNIT UNTIL YOU GET THESE PROBLEMS FIXED, you are shortening it's life.

          Also, in the future please refrain from posting pics that are so large, it is a big hassle to look at the post, respond, etc...