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SS faucet on vissani

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  • SS faucet on vissani

    i replaced the faucet on my HD vissani with the SS one from micromatic because the original wanst dispensing properly and the new faucet actually solved all my problems but now I have another problem the threads are not compatible. In order for it to not spurt out beer from the sankey wrench holes i have to make it pretty tight and when its time to take it off it gets lodged in the shank i iguess and i have to pry it out. Has anyone else had this problem. Is that part something i could replace or would it not be compatible with the vissani?

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    I had the very same problem with my Vissani, I had swapped a faucet from a kegerator conversion that I have setup in my garage to the Vissani setup in the house and when I was cleaning the line and put it back together discovered the problem. I went to Draught Services ( they supply and service all of the bars etc in Ontario) parts department and bought all of the replacement parts for about $25.00 the quality of the replacement was night and day over the original.
    Changed it out and now no leaks and don't have to over tighten the faucet to the shank.... all is good



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      cool thanks. Do you remember what the parts are. I dont have access to any places that sell this stuff so i have to get it online. I was looking at the micromatic store, they have a few different types of shanks. I was going to try this one because it looks like it would fit.


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        That is the correct shank to use in a direct draw draft beer tower.

        Kudos on picking the Stainless steel version, you can't go wrong with Stainless, a few dollars more now will avoid the carcinogens released by brass, and is much better than replacing the entire thing because of how badly corroded it is in a couple of years!


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          Just a followup this upgrade of stainless elbow shank was a great investment. Even though the only reason i needed it was because the micromatic faucet that i bought to replace vissani's defective one wouldnt fit the vissani shank correctly. With this setup and the fan i put in my kegs are getting perfect pours 100 percent of the time!


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            I am not familiar with the carcinogens mentioned from brass.

            I hope it is just a rumor.

            Do you have any particulars (scientific references)?

            Nearly every faucet in every house in the USA is made of brass.

            Alan in PA
            Alan in PA