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Husband broke kegerator

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  • Husband broke kegerator

    My husband was chipping some ice away with a hammer and broke a hole in the metal plate (evaporator). Yes, a very boneheaded thing to do to his Christmas present of 3 years ago.

    He's called refrigerator repair men but noone would help him. Possibly because it's a Sanyo and parts are hard to get. Sanyo said we could drive 100 miles to them for them to look at it but not sure if they could do anything.

    They said they would need to bleed the line, clean residuals, make sure no condensation is in processor.

    My husband patched it with epoxy.

    We are at a loss now of what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    If the only thing is to buy a new one, where's a good place to look for an inexpensive one? I'm not spending another $500 on a kegerator. In fact, I'm not spending another dime for one but he needs to know.


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    I know what you are going through, I did the same thing with my Summit kegerator. I had to call a place that sold replacement parts and buy a new evaporator for $128.00 and then have someone do all the fixing, evacuating,bleeding, etc...for an extra $140.00. The $140.00 was the cheapest around. most people wanted to charge $350-550 to fix it.


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      How did you find the person to fix it?

      Anyone else have any ideas?



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        I actually got a list of people from the people at the Summit warehouse that I got the part from. I called a couple of them until I found someone who gave me the best price.


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          Herein lies the advantage of spending more from the get go for a Bev-Air or True. There will never be a problem with finding someone to repair one of these if necessary.
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            Chipping ice is the issue, not the make of the unit that is damaged. Obviously he was pulling on the tap a little too long prior to the "ice removal" attempt. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE ICE PHYSICALLY!! It will melt away when you defrost it after the keg is empty. If you can't wait till the keg is empty, put it in a bath tub of ice and defrost the kegerator.
            A friend of mine did the same exact thing and no one wanted to fix it. I don't care what model it is, no tech wants to try and replace a cold plate or evap and warrant the repair.

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              I agree... thinking that Bev-Air or True is going to save your butt from your mistakes isn't a good basis for deciding on a purchase.

              But the commercial keg cooler companies likely do have someone contracted to provide service. And I bet were a unit to malfunction or have some issue Bev-Air or True would be right behind these products. But if you screw the thing up be it Bev-Air or True, you are likely going to be looking at some money to get it running again. And chipping away ice like that is an invitation to trouble no matter what kind of unit it is.
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                Since it looks like no one will touch this kegerator, where does one find a Bev-air or True kegerator?


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                  Evap damage

                  Now that the damage has been done, your best bet may be to gut the old Kegerator and reuse many of the parts building your own. A rapair with epoxy will not hold, and the evaporator plate is far too thin to braze in a repair. Parts, labor, evacuation and recharge can be more than what a new box may cost. It is a hard lesson but it is now time to move on.


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                    I'm afraid him building a new one is not an option. If it were, it would have never been broken in the first place.