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Where do you refill your CO2?

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  • Where do you refill your CO2?

    I know this can depend on your particular region, but I was curious as to what types of places can refill 5lb CO2 cannisters?

    If anybody is in the Baltimore area, can you please tell me a good place to go?


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    Paintball Store

    I am in the baltimore area (Towson University Student) and used to be big into paintball so naturally the first place i checked were paintball stores. The outdoor adventures store in Baltimore can fill 5lb tanks while you wait for $15. Their adress is
    1642 Sulphur Spring Road
    Baltimore, Maryland 21227

    and their website is OA Superstore in Arbutus

    They are nice people in there and when i got mine filled the first thing they asked me was is the tank for a kegerator so i guess they have a bunch of people that get their kegerator co2 tanks filled there. Hope i could help


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      Thanks, oneandonlychaz. I tried the local ****'s, which can fill paintball CO2 tanks, but they said 5lb tanks were too much. I will definitely try the place you suggested.

      I really appreciate it!


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        Look for a local welding supply place as well. They fill mine for $12 each time, and also have an O ring that stays on the tank side, not regulator.. that they change each time for me


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          I get mine on an exchange at Harford Beverage depot, also known as Racers cafe, harford road and taylor ave I believe, across from valley gun shop. its like $10
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          and hot steamed crabs!


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            MD area CO2 refill list

            Here is a list of CO2 refill locations in the Maryland area...
            Brewers United for Real Potables > Local Scene > Local CO2 Suppliers ( DNN 4.3.5 )

            Does anyone know of any lists on the Net or suppliers in the Iowa County Wisconsin area for where to go to refill CO2 tanks?
            Matt Sweeny
            Fatty Matty Brewing


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              Hi, does anyone know of a good place to get CO2 in the Colorado Springs area? Thanks!


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                CO CO2 refills

                Here are some places you can get your CO2 refilled in CO but not sure how close they are to CO Springs...have you tried calling around to the local welding or Fire Extinguisher stores?


                You can also check this forum which is a homebrewing club in CO...


                The Brew Hut
                15108 E. Hampden Avenue
                Aurora, CO 80014
                Also if you go here...

                you can click on CO and get a huge list of other homebrew clubs which will allow you to get into contact with them (email or forums on their sites) to ask where they would recommend for your area...

                Hoe this helps!
                Matt Sweeny
                Fatty Matty Brewing


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                  Wow, Matt, thank you so much for all the research and info. I really appreciate it, and will look into those sites. I have called a couple welding and fire extinguisher places; about half of them do it, but they are at least 25 minutes from me. Okay, that's no so bad, and at least I know of some sure bets, but it would be nice to have something closer to home. I tried to contact a paintball supply place about 10 mins from here, but haven't gotten a reply. I will definitely check out those sites, though. Thanks again for the help!


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                    CO2 refills

                    Yes, homebrew clubs will be a great place to research where exactly you can go to find the closest CO2 refill locations as they have already h***led with figuring out these locations. When you visit their websites (listed in my earlier reply above) use the clubs websites' forum to ask your location questions or just email some of the club members directly, homebrewers are super friendly and will be excited to help you lovers unite!!!
                    Matt Sweeny
                    Fatty Matty Brewing


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                      Help with finding refill locations

                      I also use Midwest homebrew (Minn, USA) for many of my beer making orders and found their forum to be super informative, many users and lots of help available from brewers (home and craft/pro) across the USA and Canada. This site has a special forum category dedicated to draft brewing here:

                      The Northern Brewer Homebrew Forum :: View Forum - Draft Systems

                      Happy brewing!
                      Matt Sweeny
                      Fatty Matty Brewing


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                        here are my suggestions for where to get a CO2 refilled/exchanged:

                        Look in the yellow pages for welding supply companies, this is my preferred method, the one i go to exchanges my tank, so i don't have to worry about it going out of date.

                        Some large distributors will fill your tank for you (i've only ever found one of these).

                        Ask the owner/manager of where you buy your kegs from, these guys are a wealth of information of other businesses in your area that are beer related. odds are they can suggest the best place to go to.

                        hope that helps.


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                          The only problem with beer dist. filling tanks, is most of them only transfer fill. that means you are getting CO2 gas. If you go to a weld supply, they usually are pumping liquid CO2 into the tank, thus giving you more yield from your tank. Tapman


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                            Originally posted by TAPMAN View Post
                            The only problem with beer dist. filling tanks, is most of them only transfer fill. that means you are getting CO2 gas. If you go to a weld supply, they usually are pumping liquid CO2 into the tank, thus giving you more yield from your tank. Tapman
                            you are right, you need to check to see if they cascade or pump. Tapman, do you know D. Little's distributor in Columbia? i think they pump.


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                              Yes I am familiar with Little's. Not sure which way they do it, but they probably transfer fill. Pumps are fairly expensive and they would have to do a lot of CO2 to be cost efficient enough to justify an expense like that.