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How to put a coupler back together?

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  • How to put a coupler back together?

    Hi all,

    I have a standard D system single keg coupler. I tried to take it apart to clean it (which I probably shouldn't have, but it was clogged when I tried to flush cleaning solution through the beer line.)

    Some parts fell out, mainly a small black rubber thing with three "legs" and a little white ball. Where do I insert them back into the coupler? I've tried to Google this but found nothing.


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    That is a back flow check valve. It prevents the last oz of beer running backwards through the line when you remove the coupler from the keg. You cannot clean the coupler (run a brush through the middle) without taking it out.

    I left mine out last time I took it apart to clean. works fine without it.
    Alan in PA