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Adding Homebrew to a Kegerator

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  • Adding Homebrew to a Kegerator

    I have a couple of quick questions for you guys. I currently have a double kegerator system that I run two commercial kegs out of. I have recently decided to start kegging my homebrew, and am willing to sacrifice the 2nd commercial keg until I add another tower. However, I won't always have a homebrew keg ready to go, and will still occasionally have 2 commercial kegs to run. So on to my question...

    Is there a good way to quickly switch back and forth between the sankey coupler and the homebrew keg? I found this (, but would prefer to modify my current system as opposed to buying a new coupler (I already have 2 extra couplers).

    Second question is... Is this style of quick disconnect good for the stability of the system? I'm mostly worried about gas leaks. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    I would like to do this as well, but instead of changing my beer and gas couplers to homebrew and getting the adapted sankey that you linked to, I would like to adapt the homebrew couplers to the 5/8" BSP connectors that are standard on most commercial-style keg couplers. I would like to easily switch the beer and gas lines from one to the other without having to remove the tubing from the barbed connectors. Has anyone done this?