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Haier vs. Nostalgia vs. Danby vs. Keg O Rater

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  • Haier vs. Nostalgia vs. Danby vs. Keg O Rater

    I've been searching and searching......I know Nostalgia is lower end of kegerators and will probably need modifications, but can anyone tell me if it's even worth it upgrading to Haier or Danby and spending that cash upfront??? (And how horrible is Keg o rater brand??? It has to be as bad as it sounds)

    Also: 1. Do any of these come with a cooled tower?
    2. ANyone have a preference on where to get 'em. I don't trust Walmart so much...and I was thinkin of going through Beverage *******.

    Appreciate any's getting down to the wire now!

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    If you've read enough here you know the problems with these cheap units and what it takes to make them work right (I have the Danby) For a few bucks more the Sanyo, Summit, Kenmore may be a better choice, but without tower cooling, just dump the first couple oz of foam that warms up in the line. For cooled tower units, the prices start at $995.00 here at the MM store.


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      Ok, I think I will. I'm bouncin between Kenmore & Sanyo~ Coors will fit in Sanyo I think, do you know about Kenmore?


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        I do not know if the Coors keg will fit in a Kenmore, it will in the Danby. Any Kenmore owners out there that drink Coors???