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    i have an older bev air unit and just bought a sixtel of long trail. The keg, with the rubber bumpers did not fit upright in my kegerator. It is currently stored on an angle. I wanted to get a half keg of long trail but am now worried it won't fit. Anyone have similar experiences

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    I really hate to be nit-picky, but are you talking about the 1/4 keg? The Miller kegs have a rubber side that makes it difficult to fit in some units, if 1/6 can you post pictures maybe a member can identify. By what I have read, there are only 3 types of 1/2 kegs, all should fit in a BevAir.


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      So you are having trouble with the height? Not sure of the specifics of your kegerator, but I do know for a fact that one of my friends is running a sixth of Long Trail along with two other sixths in his Haier. The Haier is very tight for three kegs front to back and side to side, so the Long Trail cannot be too far off the standard or it wouldn't fit in his set up. He does have one keg using a low profile coupler, but I'm not sure which. Could be a low profile coupler would make it fit.
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        I think djc is right. If the keg fits, but the rise from the coupler/beer line is causing you to need to tilt the keg, then a low profile coupler should resolve this for you.
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          @ Killian Boy, I bought a 1/6 keg. I dont think they make long trail in a 1/4. At least not one I can find in NJ.

          @djc / cubby: you guys have the solution. I should have clarified. The keg will fit upright when not hooked up. Thanks