Cask beer systems | Cask ale condition dispensing equipment

Dispensing Equipment for
Cask Conditioned Beer


Cask conditioned beer, often referred to as 'real ale,' is brewed from only traditional ingredients and allowed to mature naturally. Casks, also called a firkin, are filled by many local craft brewers.

The unfiltered, unpasteurized beer still contains live yeast, which continues conditioning the beer in the cask (known as "secondary fermentation"); this process creates a gentle, natural CO2 carbonation and allows malt and hop flavors to develop, resulting in a richer tasting beer with more character than standard keg "brewery-conditioned" beers.

Real ale is always served without any extraneous gas, usually by manually pulling it up from the cellar with a hand pump, also known as a "beer engine". This is the traditional way of serving beer; only a few decades ago did filtered, pasteurized, chilled beer dispensed with gas become normal.

It's simple to add cask conditioned beers to any establishment. Offer your guests more choice. Dispense a pint of cask conditioned "real ale" and enjoy the freshest expression of the brewers art!